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Who We Are

Marcom Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that caters to small and medium-sized enterprises anywhere in the world. We are your partner in increasing your business' revenue through strengthened online presence. We are here to simplify your navigation through the vast digital jungle.

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Increase your revenue potential

Attract the attention of your target market via active social media presence and activity. More audiences increase the chances of earning more revenue

Strengthen trust in your brand

Establish that you are the expert in your field by regularly providing high-quality publications to your customers on your social media accounts

Retain and gain loyal customers

Interact and instantly address the needs and concerns of your customers by engaging with their social media activity related to your business

Get marketing support

Partner with specialists that serve as your very own marketing department. Outsourcing removes the hassles of maintaining a full-time, in-house team

Our Services

We offer a range of services aimed to increase your customers' loyalty to and awareness of your brand through high-quality social media activity.

Social Media Accounts Management

Broadcast your brand's solution to your customers' needs. We can retain your clients' brand familiarity by constantly engaging them in all your social media platforms. Instantly respond to inquiries and negative customer experiences

Social Media Advertisements

Save money by optimizing your advertising campaign using precision advertisement targetting on social media. We create highly effective ads designed to influence the most relevant target audience and monitor campaign effectiveness

Social Media Marketing

Consistently provide content that your customers find valuable. We post original and curated content on all your social media accounts, keeping your brand active and relevant. Make your brand stick and stay fresh in your customers' minds

Content Marketing

Ramp-up your credibility both with your customers and search engines. We create high impact publications that search engines and your clients will love. White papers and case studies provide B2Bs a compelling preference for your brand, while blog posts allow you to deliver valuable information in a very casual, easy-to-understand manner









Pricing Plan

Starting from $100 / month

Starter Social Media Support

  • Strategic content postings on social media accounts
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Starting from $400 / month

Basic Social Media Support

  • Strategic content postings on social media accounts
  • Replies to social media inquiries, comments, and feedback
  • Reactive social media interaction with account followers and influencers
  • Social Media Ads Creation (one hypertargeted advertisement/month)
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Starting from $700 / month

Full Social Media Marketing Package

  • Social media marketing plan and strategy tailored to your brand and business objectives
  • Regular strategic content postings on social media accounts
  • Replies to social media inquiries, comments, and feedback
  • Proactive social media interaction with account followers, pages, groups, and influencers
  • Social Media Ads Creation, Management, and Optimization (one hypertargeted advertisements/month)
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$20 / hour

Content Marketing

  • Sales-focused writing (copywriting)for websites, flyers, promotional materials, etc.
  • Webpage content writing with Search Engine Optimization
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Blogs and article rewriting with Search Engine Optimization
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